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The most mysterious places in the world

this places the mysterious and strange in this world

1.Kapadokya, Turki

Turkey home of hundreds of houses made ​​up of the rooms to be continued and along with the old system of underground cities over the age of 2500thn. Area-area separated by a narrow corridor, residents begin the occupation on the surface and eventually moved to underground

2.Xi’an, Cina

China now become famous with the temukannya the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang, the largest imperial tombs in China's history. This miracle was built in 38 years by 700,000 workers, and is famous for its terracotta army buried with the Emperor

3. Edinburgh, Skotlandia

In addition to the already well-known myths, the Sea Monster Lochness .. Scotland also has a long history and the strange, one of the most bizarre is the discovery of a bridge that is buried below ground. It is estimated, after the bridge was completed and followed by the mysterious deaths, the end of this bridge is not so used.

4.Valdaro, Italia

Pair of framework, men and women new stone age hugged each other tightly excavated in Italy. Each pair of frames that this warm embrace, shake all the people who see it. Archaeologists estimate that a pair of frames have been buried about 5000-6000 years under the ground!
To maintain the style of the arms, the scientists have not decided to separate pieces of the frame. "We will maintain this attitude for which they embraced each other." So says Irena Mannorti archeologists who found a pair of these frames.
After the frame is moved, the scientists will examine further the couple hugged each other is eternal. Furthermore, the frame will be stored in a national museum in Italy.
According to scientists, that their knowledge of the Stone Age couple is very small. Frame found in a suburban area Valdaro, Mantova, so called "lover Valdaro. "
Archaeologists seem very confident that they died young because their teeth are still intact. In addition, because along with the discovery of a bow and some tools in this framework, to know if they died in the stone age. And behind the legend who is considered the most general in the archaeological history of the Italian is still a lot of puzzles to be deciphered.
There are indications showing that the human condition is not passed in hugging each other, but this is buried in the soil of prehistoric tombs. Love truly timeless ..

5.Geyser Reykjavik, Islandia

Geyser is a flow of warm water is sprayed into the soil surface. Geyser always looks interesting and mysterious. One place in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, famous for its geysernya which reaches 20 meters in diameter and when it rains, you can find a gruesome scene: a gush of water flow so as to achieve remarkable 70 meters height.
If you visit China, and waiting in the surrounding areas in the river Yangbo Geyser, Tibet. Existing geysers to spurt with a startling sound every few minutes. Diameter blast of hot water was 2 meters and height can reach 20 meters semburannya

6.Stonehange, Whilshire, England 

Stonehenge is a mysterious stone structure in rural England. No one knows what the purpose built, whether the court, or place of worship, or temple, or perhaps a sign of a UFO?

7.Moguicheng, Xinjian

In this city, there is a neglected area called "Moguicheng" or city of the devil. Some of the castles in Moguicheng strange noise that is not clear where asalanya. If you approach this devil town on a hot day with a gentle breeze, you will listen to the rhythm of sweet, like a small bell 10 million or 10 million guitar playing together with indahya. But if high winds approaching, then the resulting sound will roar like a lion, a baby crying or howling of wolves.


Antarctica is a very inhospitable place to live. So many changes and phenomena that until now the big secret for most of us. Antarctica also has many mysteries, from 14 million kilometers of the continent covered with snow and ice with a thickness between 2000 to 4800 meters, there is also a dry island total, and is called "dry valley without snow

9.Piramida & Sphynx di Mesir

One of the most mysterious and magical place on the planet. Being in North Africa, this country has more than 80 pyramids spread along the river Nile. Masing2 nearly 100 meters high, made ​​of giant stones each weighing 100 tons. Until now the legend of the pyramid are still inviting new gossip, new myths and beliefs are also emerging.
Of all the pyramids, the highest is the Pyramid of Cheops. All the pyramids were built only by piling one stone on another stone. Not found in glue, nails, or any adhesive used in the manufacture of the pyramid. All the stones somehow fit together, making it very difficult to find any cracks or gaps. Issues concerning the construction techniques used are also not answered until today. So if you are looking for mysteries, pyramids, pyramids of Egypt will continue to provide a mystery to you.

10.Bermuda Triangle

In the western Atlantic ocean, lies the Bermuda Triangle. In this triangle there are seven major islands and 150 smaller islands that are actually clusters of coral. Triangle is also known as the triangle of the devil - all the high technology tools and all the navigation tools do not work properly in place. Often, even the communication with the world outside of the triangle is a problem. No one knows why and how to prevent this. So, if you really dare, who knows, you be the first to solve this mystery.

11.Easter Island 

This island is between Tahiti and Chile, and won international popularity because of remarkable colossal statue shaped the human face. Each about 4 meter high statue, weighing about 14 tons and is made of volcanic stone, and were the work of Rapa Nui society. Yet known how the statue was made with primitive technology owned by the community.
There are various theories about the origin and meaning statues, including one of them is fantastic theory which says that the statue was made ​​by a UFO. But, until now the truth of all existing theories have not been revealed.

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